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The goal is to have EASTERN PALACE CLUB be recognized as the geographically NORTHERNMOST point of Key West.
WOW, right!?!
Do you enjoy the occasional sip of the ‘ol giggle juice? Do you enjoy relaxing with a fruity tropical cocktail? Do you enjoy an ice-cold bucket of refreshing beer? Do you enjoy the best sangria that has ever been made? Do you want a tastefully crafted beverage without the hooch?
Well, bingo, my friend, you came to the right place! We’re going to get along swimmingly!
I want the viewer to be intimately involved, It's just wallpaper if it doesn't evoke a reaction. Whether it's an embarrassment, anger, or lust, I'm aiming for a gut reaction in the viewer. It also means that I may never sell a thing, as it may not be a decorator’s thing and they might never hang in a doctor’s office. It is a way to express my love, my joy, my sorrow, and my pain. I want the person looking at my art to be confronted with their own emotions and desires. My intention is to create pieces that are not just aesthetically pleasing, but that also make the viewer think about their own innermost thoughts and feelings. To me, art is not just about pretty pictures. It should make you feel something, even if that feeling is uncomfortable. It should make you question your own beliefs and innermost feelings.

I find myself increasingly interested in the potential of art that exists somewhere between the digital and physical world. There's something about the act of moving a piece of art back-and-forth between the digital and physical realm that I find fascinating. I love the idea of taking a photo or scan of a drawing and then manipulating it digitally, before printing it out and coloring it by hand. I usually make small runs of each piece, usually no more than 5. I'll study each one closely before deciding which one is the best and worthy of being signed and offered for sale. This process allows me to create art that I am truly proud of.


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Welcome to our home

The coffee is waiting


The décor of The Perk is incredible, I felt like I was in a genie's bottle. I found myself sinking into a soft coach and letting the worries of the day drift away. The sandwiches were creative and yummy. I stayed longer than I meant to but made a couple of new friends. During the hard day of the virus, I really could have used more friends to call or write to. Now I feel like I have a couple more people on my comfort list.

Edward Stratton


Ah, the Perk. Hazel Park's south-end comfort station. It's one of the most convenient places I know of to relax, get a bite to eat, and make small talk. Just the kind of place an old man like me needs.



Your friends wish you the best on your new venture.

Hazel Park Pride

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